Mobile Music Trainer

MT-app 87pxMobile Music Trainer helps (upcoming) musicians and students when studying sheet music and learning to play an instrument. The app shows sheet music that can be played by an acoustic instrument. Mobile Music Trainer confirms the correct performance in pitch and / or rhythm. Good performance is shown and rewarded. The sheet music can also be played by the app. Mobile Music Trainer is designed for different instruments and pitches. Users can also add sheet music so the app is also interesting for advanced musicians.

The free app is compatible with iPod 4th generation, iPhone 4 and later, iPad mini, iPad 2 and higher.


Step Mode

Play the song note for note. Once you played the right note you can play the next note.

Pitch Mode

Play the right note.

Rhythm Mode

Practice the rhythm of the song on any note. Once completed you get feedback.

Test Mode

This mode checks your rhythm and pitch. Once completed you get to see your score.


The correct key is automatically selected depending on the chosen instrument. Change key by clicking the buttons.

Play songs within weeks!

Just give it a try and see for yourself.


€ 0,00 /user

  • Step, Pitch, Rhythm and Trainer Mode
  • Tune
  • Choose instrument
  • Standard songs
  • Scores


€ 7,99 /user

  • All Free features, plus:
  • Import your own MusicXML files
  • Share with other Upgraded users

Free songs

€0,00 /song

  • Download free songs on forum
  • Share your songs and exercises on forum
  • Every week a new popsong